The Story Behind Beach Buddy

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Beach Buddy - Seagull at Beach Standing in the Sand Acrylic Painting 12x12 inches on panel with walnut floater frame by Trae Mundt.

I love the beach. I love the beauty of the ocean. When I see the vastness of the water, my soul calls me to worship our God. He spoke and the oceans were created. Wow! That's quite a statement. I'm reminded of His incredible beauty and artistry.

Why do we spend time at the beach? It's relaxing. It's fun. It's a break from everyday life. It's peaceful. It's beautiful.

I met this seagull at the beach in Ventura, CA. We went to Subway and bought sandwiches. We needed a nice afternoon rest. We had been packing for weeks for our big move to Las Vegas, NV.

It didn't take long before this very cute seagull slowly walked up to our blanket. He was a foot away. I knew what he wanted. I gave him pieces of bread. He moved a little closer. The breeze was gently moving his feathers. He stayed with us for hours.

I found a friend.

~ Trae

Have you found a friend at the beach? I love hearing from you. Please leave your comments below.

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