Trae Mundt and Roman delivering charcoal and pencil portrait

Why commission a portrait drawing? 

We love our families and pets. Portraits celebrate them.


The commissioned portrait is an original piece of art to be cherished forever.  We say thank you for all the beautiful memories and special times. Together, you and I capture a moment in time. 


There’s something extra special about commissioning a portrait. It’s fun. From the beginning the excitement builds as reference photos are selected. There’s the anticipation about what the final piece will look like and how the art will be displayed.  Is it a surprise gift for a birthday or anniversary? Is it is a celebration of life for a fallen hero or friend? Will the portrait be on display in a private home or public building? 


My Commission Process


1. It begins with a conversation where we discuss the details about your ideas- who is the subject, is this a gift, what is the final size and pricing. 


2. I work from reference photos and from life. It's very helpful to provide a number of high quality photos, so I can see all the facial details. Photos will be returned upon completion of your portrait.


3. With a 50% initial payment and signed agreement, I begin working on your portrait. 


4.  When the portrait is completed, I will e-mail a photo for your approval. Once approved, the final payment is collected and your portrait is delivered. Shipping and handling fees and taxes (if applicable) will be added to the final payment. Cash, check and credit cards are accepted.


Prices below are for head and shoulders ballpoint pen minimalist drawings on high quality acid free paper. Choose between the following paper colors: white and cream toned.

  • 8x10 inches - One figure - $200

  • 11x14 inches - One figure - $400


Prices below are for head and shoulders charcoal & graphite drawings on high quality acid-free paper. Choose between the following paper colors: white and cream toned and gray. Custom sizes available.

  • 5x7 inches - One figure - $300

  • 8x10 inches - One figure - $600, each additional figure - $400

  • 11x14 inches - One figure - $900, each additional figure - $700


How much time does it take? Plan for up to 2-3 weeks for portrait drawings  I will let you know what to expect. It will depend on my current workload. If you need your portrait sooner, let me know.


To get started, fill out the form on my contact page letting me know what kind of portrait you would like. Portrait Gallery.


Thank you for considering me for your portrait commission. Visit my portrait gallery to see pictures of my latest work.