Trae Mundt Artist - In her studio


My paintings have exhibited in solo and group shows in galleries and businesses in California and Nevada. My original works are held in private collections in Nevada, California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Florida, Washington and Wisconsin. My art prints are in homes and businesses throughout the United States.

I grew up in two beautiful communities in California- Big Bear Lake and Rancho Bernardo. After receiving my BA degree in Psychology and moving to Oregon, I began my personal journey as an artist.

My floral drawings were featured on greeting cards, and soon after I found myself embarking on a pursuit to research and illustrate every American state flower. My research culminated in the America’s Favorite Flowers Collection. My California Poppy print became part of the decor at Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel in Buena Park, CA. A few years later, I published “State Flowers of America - A Commemorative Coloring Book”, an educational coloring book featuring my entire America’s Favorite Flowers Collection. I participated in many community “coloring book signing” events and coloring events for children and was a visual judge with the Reflections Art Program at Plum Canyon Elementary in Saugus, CA. My work was almost exclusively drawing and painting flowers until the day I discovered a new love, portraiture. For years, I’ve had the privilege to paint and draw portraits of people and pets.

One of my latest endeavors is creating and painting bear characters. I just love them! My Bearie Blvd. Bears® collection of fine art prints is a fun, imaginary, and whimsical expression of my love of bears.

I’m happy our paths have crossed. Sharing the love of art is a wonderful gift. I enjoy keeping in touch with people who connect with my art. If you’re not already on the email list, you can join here.