A Pig of Many Colors

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Milford - Profile Portrait of Pig Painted in Brushstrokes of Purple, Gray, Burgundy, Rose, Pale Pink, and Black Oil Painting by Trae Mundt.
As you can see, I did not paint this pig with traditional pig colors. I took artistic license with this painting. I chose to paint Milford with beautiful shades of gray, purple, burgundy, rose, pale pink, and black.
Each brush stroke was carefully placed, starting with the darkest colors, gradually painting the medium tones, then ending with highlights. These strokes add color and movement.
I waited to paint the background until after I finished his portrait. I played around with colors, finally deciding on a pretty pale purple color. This color complements and emphasizes the colors of his skin.
I love the colors in this painting. What do you like about this painting? Leave your comments below. I love hearing from you.
~ Trae

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