Sharing Videos of Work in Progress Portrait Drawings

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These past few months have been very enjoyable for me. I started making time-lapse videos of my work in progress (WIP) drawings and sharing these videos on YouTube.

I love connecting with people and reading their comments. As you know, YouTube is a huge platform. I'm grateful that people have been able to find me.

If you're considering taking time-lapse videos, I want to suggest a few artist must-haves. I love my new easel. I purchased it at Amazon. Click this link to see the easel.  It's very lightweight. It's sturdy enough for me to draw for hours as the video keeps on recording. My first tripod for cell phones was not very good. It only had a few positions for my phone. I tried this 64" Tripod. It's great. I can rotate my cell phone. This has helped me capture good-looking videos.

I really love sharing with you. Let's keep in touch. Follow me on YouTube and sign up for my art newsletter.  Would you like to share what comes to your mind? Please leave your comments below. 

~ Trae

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