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Charley & Harley - Painting of Two Bearies - One White and One Black - Bears Are Best Friends - Bearie Blvd. Bears®

What comes to mind when you see Charley & Harley?

As I was painting these adorable bears, I smiled a lot. I was daydreaming about how these two bears might impact our national conversation. It was a big daydream!

Is it possible that Charley and Harley could help heal the deep divide in our country? Could they help strip away the erroneous beliefs and harsh judgements between people? Could they shine a light on God's design? Could they spark a discussion about what is good and lovely and true?

As I write this blog post, more thoughts and questions come to mind. Every person is valuable. We are different by design. Are we being bombarded by distractions? Are we hearing His still small voice? Can we agree to disagree?

What comes to mind when you see Charley & Harley? Please share your comments below.

Where's the bear paw?™

~ Trae

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