Little One

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I love to watch the excitement in children's eyes when they plant seeds in their gardens. The smiles! The squeaks of glee!

As a little girl I enjoyed planting radish seeds. They grew quickly. It was fun. Within a few weeks it was harvest time! I loved the taste of radishes. I still do. I add them to salads and appetizer plates. They are delicious and crunchy!

"Little One" was inspired by a radish I found at the grocery store. It was beautiful. I bought the bunch knowing I wanted to draw that particular radish. I came home and took out my special art paper. I drew a pencil sketch then added the colors. The result? My adorable... "Little One."

Do you love radishes too? I would love to hear your radish stories. Please leave a comment below.

~ Trae 👩🏻‍🎨


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