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About to Dance. Pencil Portrait of Ballerina moments before her rehearsal by artist Trae Mundt.
This portrait is in my private collection. There's something about this one that strengthens me when I look at it. Her expression stirs a resolve in me to improve my drawing skills and work each day to better see the details of each face.

I remember my beloved art teacher years ago standing behind me as I was painting a glass vase. She kept saying "Do you see it?" I said "No." Her eyes were highly trained to catch the smallest of details. Finally after what seemed like hours I saw what she saw. When I put that small detail on my vase it was magical. Today when I approach my drawings and paintings I remember her words and I whisper to myself "Do you see it?" Thank you, Speedy! 

I thank God for my excellent teacher!

It's all about the details.


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