The Making of Bernard

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Beginning Pencil Sketch for portrait oil painting of teddy bear "Bernard". Bearie Blvd. Bears® by artist Trae Mundt. Monochromatic fur-like made with raw umber and titianium white, Nose and eyes and mouth painted with ivory black lukas berlin.

Do you consider white and black to be colors? I did for years until I learned technically they are shades.

When I sat down to paint Bernard I drew a quick sketch. I then chose to limit myself to one color, raw umber, and two shades, titanium white and ivory black. I began by painting with brushes laying down the correct values. While rotating the panel with my left hand, I applied the paint with my right hand using my small palette knife.

Palette Knife

His eyes, nose and mouth were also painted with a palette knife using rich ivory black and titanium white.

It takes some time to build up the paint to get the final effect. When I first began painting bears I stumbled across this technique by accident. What a fun discovery. I love the textured fur-like effect.

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  • Bernard looks so real. The attention to details are what makes him come alive. He’d look amazing in a child’s room or given as a sweet gift to a loved one or friend.

    Teri Pangallo on
  • Trae,
    Thank you for sharing some of your insight but most of all for sharing the “Joy” that these Little Bears bring!
    It is Impossible to look at these and not smile!
    Thank you for sharing your Talent and letting us in on Beauty and Creativity.
    You are Truly gifted and blessed❣️

    Michelle on
  • He looks real! Trade you have a God given talent which your putting to good use. Love your artwork and you.

    Fran McPhie on

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