Tell a Story Day - April 27th

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Daisy oil painting by artist Trae Mundt. Bearie Blvd. Bears® portrait of Light brown teddy bear wearing a white daisy headband. Yellow background.

It really is Tell a Story Day... according to the holiday insights website today we celebrate story-telling of all kinds. It's the perfect day to share the story of "Daisy."

This is my first short slideshow video with narration and background music! Below is the transcript.

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Yellow, pink, white, light brown. What comes to mind when you combine these colors? I got excited about painting this little teddy bear. Her sweetness was captured with the initial line drawing. I like to do these sketches before I start painting. I also like to decide on the colors I'll use before the first brush load of paint touches the panel. With "Daisy" I applied the light chestnut brown first then added the darker shades defining her eyes, nose, mouth and ears. We don't want to see a flat teddy bear, so I changed the value, the relative lightness and darkness of the brown which created her roundness and cuddliness.

Then I painted her eyes and nose and began to add color to her flower headband. I began with a striped pattern in the background. You'll see later in the painting I changed my mind. The stripes were distracting. The pretty yellow background brought in a softness and gentleness. Her face is now the focal point. As I finished painting I make sure to paint the bear paw and my signature. The result... sweet "Daisy."

Where's the bear paw? 🐻

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  • Great first video!!! You should make some videos that do a step by step for painters or even school students to follow along. 😉Your a natural artist and speaker.

    alicia Hupaylo on

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