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Marcus bear print by Trae Mundt. Taupe colored bear sitting at his white desk working on his computer and ipad answering phone calls with his headset wearing black rimmed eye glasses with three paintings with binary code hanging on wall behind his desk. Bearie Blvd. Bears®.
This blog post is all about my computer "Go To" person. I call him TSW, my Technical Support Wizard. 🧙‍♂️ There's so much to learn when you want to sell art online! With him I have the computer skills to create and maintain an online presence. He's always there for me. A few weeks ago my Wifi was acting up and my AirDrop was not working. The day before that my new AirPods were interfering with my phone's ability to have a loud ring. I was missing calls. I love the ease of computers, smartphones and AirPorts when they work, but it's the most frustrating experience when they don't. Can you relate?
I'll admit it's usually me that's causing the problems because I'm technologically challenged. That's why I'm so grateful for my TSW. 🧙‍♂️ (Yes, my bear Marcus was named after him!) He's a lifesaver. And a BIG Thank you to all the computer people out there who help the computer challenged amongst us.
Where's the Bear Paw?™
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Where's the Bear Paw?®

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