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Peaceful is Floral Oil Painting measuring 24 x 18 x 1.5 inches on canvas.

The oleander flowers were painted with subtle tones of white, sea green, pink, orange, teal green and mauve. The leaves were painted in tones of green, blue and black. 

I knew I wanted to paint these gorgeous white flowers. I had a strong composition for the layout. Before I started painting I came across a book that intrigued me, “Newberry Color Theory” by Michael Newberry. I read the book and chose to apply this color theory as best I could to this painting.

His theory integrates four perspectives: the color of light and shadow, the color of the atmosphere, the color of distance and the color of things. One of my favorite lines, “Opposites give incredible beauty to shadows.” Also, “transcend the reference material.”

I took these statements as a challenge. I like the idea of black leaves with lime veins, sea green leaves with blue veins and black as an accent color for a few stamens. The background color complements the flowers and leaves.

How do you like the feel of this painting? Please leave your comments below.


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