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Billy the goat by artist Trae Mundt. Realistic oil painting of an adorable goat who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Shades of taupe, tan, brown, gold, gray, white and pink are the colors painted in his fur and on his nose.
Meeting this adorable goat was a lovely surprise! I painted his portrait shortly after we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.
I met him at a local pet rescue farm in north Las Vegas. I walked up to his corral to see the goats up close. This goat raised his body and placed his front legs on the corral bar in front of me. We were staring at each other face to face. I quickly took a few reference photos to help me paint his portrait. It was wonderful being so close.
His portrait was displayed at my house. One of my neighbors came by for a visit. She saw him and shared about her childhood memories of goats. I'm learning that owning a goat is a very special experience. One day I hope to have one. My neighbor bought the original painting. Art prints are available for our goat loving friends and family.
~ Trae 👩🏻‍🎨
I would love to hear your goat stories. Please leave a comment below.

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