Wedge of Cheese

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Forward oil painting of wedge of swiss cheese by artist Trae Mundt. Yellow cheese with holes sitting atop a brown oval shaped mahogany cheese board with slate gray white and light blue drapery background.
A few months ago I got a call from a dear friend. She was in the middle of putting together a wall of art that tells the stories of her family. She wanted an original conversation piece.
She commissioned me to paint a wedge of cheese. 😀
We decided that swiss cheese would be fun. I went to work. I called my neighbor and asked her if I could borrow a cheese board. She brought over many cheese boards of all shapes and sizes. (Thank you, Aida!) The perfect swiss cheese wedge was purchased at a local deli. I set up my still life with the cheese on the board to help me see the shadow and light patterns. I was ready to paint her painting!
My friend named her painting "Forward."
She currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin. I learned that the state motto for Wisconsin is Forward. They plan to retire soon and move to someplace a little warmer. This title is perfect for her painting. She's moving Forward soon but loves her life is Wisconsin.
Are you wondering what happened to the cheese wedge? My husband was eagerly waiting for me to finish the painting. He ate the entire wedge! He's a very big mouse!
Would you like to commission an original oil painting? The entire process is a lot of fun. If yes or maybe, send me a message here.
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~Trae 👩🏻‍🎨

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  • This is magnificent my friend! Just wow! You are so talented.

    Tina Cartwright on

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