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Close-up of Harold Hummingbird Painting in Oil by artist Trae Mundt. Portrait of Hummingbird sitting on large bird of paradise plant leaf. Background light blue.
My brother's better half, Melanie, shared her story about Harold the Hummingbird during a fun phone conversation a few months ago.
Mel had a window near her work area. Every time she looked outside, she noticed a hummingbird landing and resting on an ornamental bird of paradise plant. She named him Harold for two reasons. The first was because he always landed on the same tall leaf. The second was because she would say “Hail to the King” as he rested on his leaf throne.
One day she went outside to visit with him. She discovered when she called his name, he would fly over for a quick visit. They had a very special bond. Her co-workers did not believe she had a pet hummingbird until they watched her call his name.
He flew over to be close to her. 
Her story touched my heart. I knew I had to paint Harold. I asked Mel to send me a few pictures of him. She had no idea I was planning to gift her a painting of her precious hummingbird. When my brother and Mel were in Las Vegas, I surprised her with this painting. What a wonderful moment.
Her painting has been drying in my studio. After it's varnished, I will frame it and ship it to her.
For Harold and Melanie it was love at first sight.
Very wonderful!
~ Trae
Do you have a story about your favorite hummingbird? Please leave your comments below.
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