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Pencil portrait of Mike by artist Trae Mundt
Have you ever had your portrait drawn or painted?
It's a fun experience. I enjoy drawing portraits from life. A good example of this is my portrait of Mike. He was in town for a few hours and stopped by to visit my husband. I asked him to sit for me. I wanted to draw his portrait. He sat for me for about 25 minutes or so. I took a quick reference photo to help me finish up the portrait so he could visit with my husband. After I finished the portrait I applied a protective spray to prevent any future smudging. I cut it down to size and packed it up nicely so it could survive the trip to Texas. To read about his experience scroll down to the bottom of this page and look for the testimonial from Mike K., Ft. Worth, Texas.
Thank you Mike for sitting for me! It was fun!
For those of you who live outside the Las Vegas area and would like to have your portrait drawn, there's good news! I work from reference photos. These portraits make wonderful surprise gifts. To learn how to commission a portrait check out my commissions page. Visit my portrait gallery to see pics of other portraits I've drawn or painted.

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