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Art print of Dallas Oil Painting by Artist Trae Mundt. Bearie Blvd. Bears®. Light cocoa bear wearing silver rimmed sunglasses leaning over into view of airport where white commercial airplanes are taking off and landing. Bear is wearing black leather bomber jacket with four 4 stripes on epaulets. Blue skies with light white clouds in desert scene and runway for background.

It was a Friday when my husband called and asked me to join him for dinner. He wanted to take me to my favorite restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. I was home in Santa Clarita, California. If I hurried I could get to LAX in time to fly standby with him. What was so wonderful about this invitation was that my husband was literally flying me to Texas. He was the Captain. It was so much fun. The flight crew spoiled me. My smoked sirloin dinner was absolutely delicious. If you ever get a chance to dine at Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse you won't be disappointed!!

I can't tell you how many times my friends have asked me, "When are you going to paint a pilot bear?" I'm excited to introduce "Dallas." This bear loves peanuts and pretzels. He also loves good weather.

Where's the Bear Paw?™


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  • I just love Dallas and the story you shared! It made me think of the times a certain friend and her husband flew me out to visit. My experience flying has been very limited, however, they treated me, both coming and going, to first class seats and personal escorts through the airport and security. I truly felt like an Airport Princess!

    Dallas reminds me quite a bit of a pilot friend I have had the honor of getting to know; I think he likes pretzels and peanuts as well.

    Katharyne Swan on
  • What a wonderful adventure at the spur of the moment! Thanks for inviting me along for the ride! Love the Pilot Bear! :)

    Linda M Threet on
  • Fly Boy! 😍❤️🥰

    Mary on
  • Love is in the “air” plane.

    Barbara Ralsten on

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