Simpatico oil painting by artist Trae Mundt. Two bird of paradise flowers painted in shades of orange, blue and purple with a geometric background painted in shades of green, blue and aqua.

Simpatico - Bird of Paradise

I can remember the moment I finished this painting. I stood back and took in the beautiful colors and composition.

Simpatico is a wet on wet oil painting. This type of painting is traditionally known as alla prima. Wet paint is painted onto wet paint. Lower layers are not allowed to dry before adding more paint. When I use this technique, I paint more quickly and accurately! I don't allow myself to paint over the final layer.

This painting sold quickly. A good friend stopped by and saw Simpatico while the paint was still wet. A few days later he told me he wanted to buy it for his wife.

Very nice!

Have you ever wondered how to pack up an oil painting for delivery? I wrote about my packing process in my blog post titled Packing Day in my Studio.

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