The Making of Henrietta - Slideshow Video

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Henrietta, Bear Oil Painting by artist Trae Mundt. Bearie Blvd. Bears® collection. White princess bear wearing jeweled tiara and red and pink ball gown standing in front of her castle

It's always a lot of fun to sit down and starting painting. Before I do that I spend some time thinking about the design and composition by drawing a few rough sketches. When I like what I see, I begin to imagine all the possible color combinations.

I love to look back through the pictures to see how the painting develops. To see a short slideshow of my painting of Henrietta, click the link below.

Where's the Bear Paw?™



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Where's the Bear Paw?™

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  • The color you chose made her pop.
    Nice job!
    You need to post more often.

    Debbir on

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