Rockstar Kids - Let Them Play

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Martin by Trae Mundt. Brown Teddy Bear Rockstar wearing black leather vest, brown suede boots, playing electric guitar, performing on stage with flames in the background.

We all know one. I grew up in a household where music was appreciated and celebrated. As youngsters my brother and I took up musical instruments, and on a recent blog post I shared my brother was the talented one. I was not. He loved music. He had an ear for it! During high school he was in a rock band. Who else can relate to my sharing the house shook during practice sessions? Hours of practicing, hours of listening…

When I sat down to create my version of a Rockstar Teddy Bear I knew I needed to include a few details. Check out his electric guitar, brown leather boots, black leather vest, head scarf, cartilage earrings, on-stage microphone stand and flames in the background. "Martin" is a teddy bear with attitude, passion and talent.

Who do you know that loves music? Please leave your comments below.

You can buy art prints of Martin here.

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