Vivere Acrylic Painting by Artist Trae Mundt. Two Blue Iris Flowers and 1 White Iris Flower planted in navy colored pot with crimson red and light blue low growing flowers. Background salmon tiled geometric design.

Vivere - Two Blue Iris Flowers and One White Lily in Navy Colored Pot with Crimson Red and Light Blue Flowers with Background Red-Salmon Tiled Geometric Design

I lived in Valencia California when I painted Vivere. These flowers appeared in my yard! What a lovely surprise. I believe the blue iris is the California native Iris Douglasiana. The purple, white and gold flower is a Wild Lily. I'm not recalling the names of the other flowers. That's alright. The reds and blues work well in this painting.

With the red-salmon colored tiled background the painting has a harmonious color scheme. The complementary colors are pleasing.

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