Promises oil painting by artist Trae Mundt. White oleander flowers painted with a patterened background in shades of blue, green purple and turquoise.

Promises - White Oleander Blossoms

I prefer to paint with flat brushes. I love this type of brush because I can use the flat part for broad strokes and the side for making thinner lines. Sometimes I need to use a different type of brush depending on the effect I want. I sign my signature with a very small rounded brush.

Look at Promises. The flower petals were painted with different sizes of flat brushes. Look at the lines and shapes. You won't see much blending. Each brush stroke stands on its own. I like this look. I'm incorporating it into my paintings.

Some time went into choosing the colors for Promises. You can see the whites, yellow-greens, greens, blue-greens, blues, and blue-violets. This is a refreshing color palette.

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