Phinley oil painting by artist Trae Mundt. Bearie Blvd. Bears® white bear sitting on wooden pier fishing wearing blue cap and shirt and jean shorts mountains in background.

Phinley - White Bear Sitting on Wooden Dock Fishing on Lake Wearing Blue Cap and Shirt and Jean Shorts - Bearie Blvd. Bears®

Have you been to Big Bear Lake, California? I grew up there. It's a beautiful resort community in the San Bernardino mountains east of Los Angeles.

In the summer months my Dad and I would go fishing on the lake. I remember catching catfish. I remember eating catfish for dinner. I remember Dad helping me get my fishing pole all set up. He handled the worms. I couldn't do it.

As I was painting Phinley good memories came to mind. Dad was a wonderful teacher. I learned a lot from him.

It looks like Phinley has a fish on his fishing line. Could it be a catfish?

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Where's the Bear Paw?®

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Where's the Bear Paw?®

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