Faith, Hope, Charity is an oil painting by artist Trae Mundt. Three yellow-orange daisies atop green leaves with a yellow cream textured background. . Entire painting painted with a palette knife.

Faith, Hope, Charity - Golden-Rust Daisies with Yellow Centers

Have you ever given an oil painting as a gift?  It's not a common gift. It's a thoughtful gift that will be cherished for years to come.

I remember when I bought my first oil painting. I was so excited. I drove 20 miles to pick it up from the artist's studio. I had it professionally framed. It's now hanging in my computer room. It brings life into my days.

Faith, Hope & Charity is a miniature oil painting measuring 7 x 5 x .25 inches. Give the gift of original art to someone you love. (That person could be you.) 😊

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