Duet oil painting by artist Trae Mundt. Pink red carnations placed in glass miniature vase. Background colors pale greens and white.

Duet - Two Red-Pink Carnations in Miniature Glass Vase with Light Green and White Tiles Background

I have to admit sometimes I stay up too late. I'll be painting and lose track of time. That happened to me while I was painting Duet.

I took my time as I was painting the glass vase. Every stroke mattered. The shadows cast by the flowers and vase were painted with a gentle hand. The petals of the carnations were created with my palette knife.

When I woke up the next morning I went in to see my painting. I nodded my head, yes.

One more thought - I took a few pictures as I painted.  =) The Making of Duet - Slideshow Video.

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