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Humphrey, Bear Art Print by Trae Mundt. Bearie Blvd. Bears™ collection. White bear wearing blue striped overalls standing in front of his black train locomotive.

Is it a particular sight, sound, aroma or place? I'm learning to slow down and pay attention to all that's around me.

It was a beautiful Colorado day when my husband and I decided to take a train trip on the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Early in the morning we arrived and boarded the train. Snacks were served. The scenery was breathtaking. I gazed out the window while sipping hot chocolate and taking in the sights of beautiful snow topped trees and winding streams. The train gently rocked back and forth. It was so peaceful. When we arrived in Silverton we had a few hours to explore. After lunch we decided to spend time looking at the huge powerful locomotive and all the train cars it effortlessly pulled up the mountain. So impressive.

What a special day. It was the memory of this place that inspired me to create Humphrey, my lovable bear who loves everything about trains.

What inspires you?

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