Our Most Valuable Treasure

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Francine by artist Trae Mundt. Bearie Blvd Bears ® oil painting. Portrait of tan bear with pink orchid headdress and bear paw necklace.
My Bearie Blvd. Bears® paintings begin with pencil sketches. Then I apply the paint. It's always fun to watch the characters develop. With Francine I see a sweetness and innocence; she's approachable and kind.
While painting Francine my thoughts were about loving the people around me. Do I really see them? Do I take the time to know them? Am I capable of accepting differences? Am I appreciating them and holding them in high esteem? Am I being quick to forgive?
I've spent many years rushing through life missing the sweet moments of connection. I'm learning to slow my pace and take in all that's around me. Have you noticed our world is working against us? It's geared to rev us up driving us to be continually busy. At the end of the day what have we missed? Our most valuable treasure is Time.
Let's not get wrapped up in distractions that rob us of connection. Let's spend our Time well.
Where's the Bear Paw?™

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