His name is Timmy

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Timmy oil painting by artist Trae Mundt. Portrait of a red brown teddy bear wearing a red and white santa hat. The background is dark brown with holly leaves branches and berries.
There's a teddy bear who resides in a cute bungalow along Bearie Blvd. He's a handsome teddy bear known for his rich brown-red fur. His name is Timmy.
This teddy bear loves to celebrate Christmas by wearing his plush Santa hat. Every year you'll find him looking forward to the holidays. He loves to decorate with festive ornaments and holiday keepsakes. To celebrate this time of year he decided to have his portrait painted while wearing his Santa hat. He plans on displaying his Christmas portrait every year.
I think he has a great idea. Every year we can unpack a beautiful art print of Timmy to decorate our homes for Christmas.
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