Monty bear portrait Bearie Blvd. BearsĀ® Tan bear with black sunglasses reflecting city scene with blue background.

Monty - Tan Bear with Black Sunglasses Reflecting City Scene with Blue Background - Bearie Blvd. BearsĀ®

Can you see Monty riding a motorcycle? I can. šŸ˜Ž

Monty is wearing reflective motorcycle sunglasses that provide superior clarity and protection for his eyes.

I was on my own that day, so I was the model. I went out to the garage and borrowed my husband's reflective sunglasses. I marched outside and took a number of selfies from different angles.

What was the result? The reflection you see in Monty's sunglasses is my street in Las Vegas. Where do you think I painted the bear paw? Do you see it?

Where's the Bear Paw?Ā®

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Bearie Blvd. BearsĀ®
Where's the Bear Paw?Ā®

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