"Trae is one of the most delightful persons I have ever worked with. Working with her was a joy from beginning to end. She is very professional and very interested in creating the most perfect personal product for her client. Her final product way exceeded my expectations. And not only that, we have stayed in touch; she truly cares about her clients." (Cheryl, Midland, Texas)

"I would like to share my incredible experience in commissioning Trae to draw a charcoal sketch. I sent Trae a handful of pictures of a beloved labrador retriever from our neighborhood. I was truly impressed with her creative artistry and true to life capture from a digital image. Trae's attention to detail and excellent communication throughout the process was best in class! I highly recommend Trae if you are looking for an artist with vision and expertise with drawing & painting skills." (Virginia, Carlsbad, CA)

"I purchased the golfer bear named Emmett for a Birthday present for a very dear friend. Her father was an avid golfer. The print is stunning! Thank you, Trae for sharing your beautiful gift with all of us and bringing back loving memories to my friend." (Rebecca, Sammamish, WA)

"Bruno is special.  It’s so nice to have something to smile at these days." (Annalloyd, Las Vegas, NV)

"He is so adorable and warms my heart and makes me smile." (Rosetta, Las Vegas, NV)

"Omgoodness Willy and Joey are the cutest ever!!" (Teri, Las Vegas, NV)

"I want to congratulate you upon the opening of your new website, as well as comment on the beauty of your artwork. I find your subject matter uplifting, calming and inspiring. Having purchased other pieces of your work, I can say that your standards of quality and customer service are high and your level of courtesy and professionalism is unmatched. I also find your prices to be very reasonable and make beautiful art attainable to just about everyone. I am looking forward to purchasing your artwork and displaying these lovelies in our new home. Again, congratulations and blessings be yours!" (Katharyne, Concordia, KS)

“I had the privilege to sit for Trae a couple weeks ago as she drew my face. It was a wonderful experience. While I was to stay in the same pose, I was never uncomfortable. I enjoyed watching her capture what she was looking at and put it on her artists pad. If the opportunity arises for an individual, I would highly recommend it.” (Mike K., Ft Worth, TX)

"I feel so honored to have met and had Trae draw my portrait. At 88 years old I never had my portrait drawn before, and Trae made me feel so comfortable for the sitting. She has also drawn portraits of my daughter and son-in-law which came out beautifully. I would highly recommend Trae to anyone interested in gifting a portrait to someone or doing it as a treat for yourself. I love Trae both inside and out, as she has been blessed with so much talent." (Frances, Marshall, MN)

"Working with Trae was an absolute delight! She is so professional and always keeps a smile on making the time spent with her such an entertaining experience. The portrait is amazing, and I was surprised at how well Trae captured every aspect. Small details really make it come to life. Just great talent from Trae!" (Matthew, Las Vegas, NV)

"Words cannot express our thanks for the drawing of our furry friend. It will forever be a part of our family, for that thanks!" (Danny & Doreen O., Las Vegas, NV)

"Our dog Max was important to my husband’s health and sanity while he was home recovering from a life threatening illness. I wanted to honor Max and give my husband a gift that he would love. I met Trae at an event and told her I wanted to have her do a portrait of Max for my husband. I was able to secretly get her what she needed, and she was pure joy to work with. I participated in the process, and she kept me informed each and every step of the way. The end product was much more amazing then I could ever have imagined. We love it, and it will be something we will cherish! Thank YOU Trae. I can’t recommend her and her work highly enough!" (Amy F., Las Vegas, NV)

"I commissioned Trae to do a portrait of my husband's dog Travis after he had passed away. It was a surprise birthday present that was a spur of the moment idea. Trae was very professional during the whole process and kept in touch to be sure every aspect of the portrait was perfect, which it was. I didn't think she would have the portrait done in the short time I gave her but was very surprised and pleased that she finished the portrait in time for my husband's birthday. I would definitely have her do other portraits in the future." (Mary C., Aqua Dulce, CA)

"Gretchen was the best dog and canine companion, and you captured her perfectly. Her 'heart' and 'essence' comes through. This morning her portrait is in my office where she can 'watch over me' as she always did. I will forever miss her, but I will forever find comfort and remember her with joy when I look at your amazing portrait of her." (Kathie S., Osawatomie, KS)

"I commissioned Trae to do a sketch as a surprise for my best friend's birthday of her puppy named Cooper. Trae captured his adorable personality and likeness. She was super easy to work with, and she made sure every detail was perfect. I'm looking forward to having an oil painting of my dogs in the future!" (Julie M., Valencia, CA)

"Trae has been blessed with an extraordinary talent. She captured the pure, sweet essence of my Havanese puppy, Cooper, in a lovely sketch presented to me by my best friend, Julie. I was so thrilled, I commissioned one for my daughter Michele of her beloved Yorkie, Toby. She was absolutely delighted as well! What a special and timeless gift for any pet lover. Trae has truly found her "niche" with her beautiful sketchings and portraiture paintings." (Jan O., Valencia, CA)