Wilbur, teddy bear art print by Trae Mundt. Bearie Blvd. Bears ™. White teddy bear with red bow tie having pancakes with butter and bacon and berries.

Wilbur - Bearie Blvd. Bears®

Before I start painting I spend some quality time thinking about my color combinations. I knew I wanted Wilbur to be seated in front of a huge plate of pancakes.

I grabbed my color wheel and started to think about what colors would look good next to his "yellow-orange" pancakes. I also had to think about the ambiance of the restaurant and the colors of the objects on the table. I chose an "analogous" color scheme which means I used colors that were adjacent to "yellow-orange" on my color wheel.

When colors are chosen this way the painting will have a harmonious color scheme.

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Bearie Blvd. Bears®

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