Desert Music by artist Trae Mundt. Oil painting of large trumpet flowers in yellow and gold. Background geometric shapes in complementary colors bues, greens, purples and reds.

Desert Music

Desert Music measures 36 x 36 x 1.5 inches. This painting is rich in detail and bold in color. I have yellow trumpet flowers growing in my backyard. Those flowers inspired this painting.

What's my process?

Every painting starts with a detailed drawing. I'm free to explore. I can move lines and change the placement of shapes. When I'm happy with my drawing, I use the grid method to transfer my drawing to the larger canvas.

Then I spend time with my color wheel. With Desert Music, I painted a wash of light-yellow, light-green and light-blue on my canvas. Then I stood back. I decided to bring in richer golden tones and richer blue tones.

Can you hear the melody while gazing at Desert Music?

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