Where's the Bear Paw?™

Posted by Trae Mundt on

Since the creation of my first Bearie Blvd. Bears® character, I've painted a Bear Paw somewhere in the painting. It's a lot of fun. Sometimes the Bear Paws are easy to find. Check out Buddy. Other Bear Paws take some time to find. Check out Monty and Tozzi.

This slogan has been well received. 😊 Bearie Blvd. Bears® fans love finding the Bear Paws. 

I'm in the process of having a trademark registered for Where's the Bear Paw?™. Very Exciting!! I'm launching a few gift ideas featuring the Where's the Bear Paw?™ slogan. I hope you enjoy them!

Where's the Bear Paw?™

 ~ Trae

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