The Call that Changed My Life

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California State Flower the Golden Poppy. Artist Trae Mundt. Fine art prints from the America's Favorite Flowers Collection
It was a dark time for me. My first marriage was ending, and I was alone with my senior dog and guinea pig. My ex was pursuing divorce, and my heart was broken. A few months earlier I had launched my first website featuring my America's Favorite Flowers© botanical illustrations of our nation's state flowers, our capital flower and our national flower.
It was a Friday when my dear friend and her father came by for a visit and took me to my favorite restaurant. Between the tears I managed to eat my delicious lunch. When we got home I noticed the answering machine light was blinking. I didn't think much of it. I went over and pushed the button. To my surprise it was the interior decorator from Knott's Berry Farm's theme park in Buena Park, California. They were remodeling the hotel and were interested in having me present framed samples of my California Poppy Print.
This incredible gift was an answer to a prayer I had uttered a few days before. The emotional pain was crippling, and I cried out to God to offset the pain. He answered my prayer with not only validating my art career but giving me something I had to do. Knott's Berry Farm ordered over 300 framed art prints from me, and the order needed to be filled within a few weeks. Friends came by and helped me assemble each framed print. I experienced God's incredible grace and love. He hears our prayers. He's wonderful. Sharing this story brings tears to my eyes. I'm forever grateful.

How has God touched your life? If you would like to share your story, please leave a comment below.

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  • How lucky am I that I have one of the poppy prints hanging in my gone in WI ❤️ Beautiful story.

    Krista on

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