Smiling Pansy Painting

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I've heard from many of you that you want me to start taking more WIP photos and videos. 😊 Here we go!

This painting started with a simple pencil sketch on my art panel. Sketching out the composition works for me. It helps me avoid having to come back and scrape sections of paint off my art panels.

Peek-a-boo initial drawing before adding paint. Artist Trae Mundt.


I painted in the basic shapes making sure I kept accurate proportions. I have to be careful not to keep painting beyond my beginning pencil lines. I like to paint alla prima which means I paint wet on wet without letting the layers dry. You'll see the color shift to a cooler purple and whiter petals to match the flower.

Peek-a-boo work in progress picture as Trae Mundt paints purple and white pansy with oil pants.


Peek-a-boo on my easel. Notice all the brush work. I used a flat brush to paint the petals and leaves. The background was painted with my palette knife. This picture was taken right after I finished painting. (When I was taking this picture I worked hard to avoid the glare from the wet oil paint!)

Peek-a-boo oil painting of white and purple pansy in grey rectangular pot by artist Trae Mundt.

Peek-a-boo framed in a white floater frame. This lovely painting is ready to be shipped.

Peek-a-boo oil painting of purple and white pansy by artist Trae Mundt. 

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