First Blush - Pink Chrysanthemum Art

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These pink chrysanthemums were given to me by a dear friend. What a special gift! I had to paint them.
First Blush was painted with watercolor. The technique I love to use is wet on wet. For many of The Garden paintings, I choose not to wet the entire paper. I begin by carefully drawing a pencil sketch.
I apply watercolor masking fluid to where I want to see the highlights after the painting dries. After the masking fluid dries, I take my brush and wet small areas of the painting. With the water resting on a particular shape, I gently add the paint. I stay focused on that part of the painting adding darker colors to create nice shadows. I repeat this process until the painting is finished. When the painting is completely dry, I gently rub off the masking fluid.

Chrysanthemums generally symbolize longevity, fidelity, joy and optimism. This lovely bouquet looks stunning on these products.


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