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I find inspiration comes from being very aware of my environment. Color, texture and composition interest me. I also go about my days expecting to see something that catches my eye. And, when I see that special something, I feel loved by God. These moments are gifts from Him for me. They touch me deeply.

God has given me a passion to paint and draw His beautiful creation. I long to see what He sees. I want to value what He values. He made everything around us. I'm stopping as I type this post to take in the grandeur of His character.

Many of these moments come through people. I sent my Mom flowers. Her husband sent me pictures of the beautiful arrangement. This arrangement inspired my painting, Spring. 

My painting Two Cute was inspired during a very fun visit my dear friend and I had at our local nursery. Buckets of daisies caught my eye. I knew I was going to paint golden yellow daisies. I couldn't wait to paint daisies.

Two Cute - Two Yellow Golden Daisies with background of pale turquoise, green, and blue by artist Trae Mundt.

Sometimes I'm inspired by a dream. I woke up wanting to paint what I saw. The end result was my portrait of a woman soldier. Its title, Mission Accomplished, fits her focus.

Mission Accomplished - Brunette Woman Solider Oil Painting by Trae Mundt.

And finally, for other artists reading this post, as artists we have the incredible privilege to create artwork that moves people's souls. It's wise to pay attention to what inspires our customers and fans. With this knowledge, we can create work that inspires them.

What do you think of this post? Does any of this resonate with you? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

 ~ Trae

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