Cherries Anyone?

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Bing Cherry watercolor painting by artist Trae Mundt.
It's cherry season! Are you like me? I get excited when I see these delicious beauties at the grocery store. I love them. Yesterday my friend and I had breakfast together. We baked biscuits made with fresh cherries. Our biscuits were served on my finest china with dollops of butter and cherry jam. It was delicious and memorable. 🍒
Cherries have brought me a lot of joy for years from visiting u-pick cherry farms to canning cherry jam. I painted the original watercolor painting of "Bing" after enjoying a bowl of fresh cherries. (Artist Inspiration!!)

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  • Cherries remind me of life a bit. Beautiful, full, deep, plump and meaty fruits. Meant to be savored one at a time. Seeded with promise, sometimes deceptively beautiful, they can be so tart as to bring tears to the eyes of the partaker. So too life I think. Just some ‘food’ for thought.

    Katharyne Swan on

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